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Your body

Keeping your figure

Your body

Body care

Keeping your figure

In this era of body worship, maintaining an appealing figure can seem like an endless battle. For some people, efforts to get fit prove to be unsuccessful.

Among other reasons, aging or major weight loss may result in a weakening of the skin. Some people have hereditary fatty deposits that are resistant to dieting regimens. The result may be a sagging figure, causing discomfort and distress.

Tummy care

Turning a fat tummy into a flat tummy

The tummy is the focus of complex feelings, both among men and women. A round belly is often associated with a sedentary way of life or lack of muscle tone. Bulging bellies make it more challenging to find the right clothes and can undermine self-esteem.

Breast care

Breasts: an important part of being a woman

Some consider breasts a symbol of fertility and maternity; others, a tool for seduction. Whether large or small, modestly concealed or proudly displayed, breasts are central to women’s body image.