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Your breasts

Breasts: an important part of being a woman

Your breasts

Some consider breasts a symbol of fertility and maternity; others, a tool for seduction. Whether large or small, modestly concealed or proudly displayed, breasts are central to women’s body image.

Breast enlargement, reduction, or lift: the right treatment option for the right reason

Many experiences or stages in a woman’s life can have an effect on the size of her breasts, their shape, symmetry or firmness. These factors may lead women to want to make a change to their breasts’ appearance.

Today, there are various techniques that can be used to respond to each woman’s desire to change her figure and be more comfortable with her body and self-image.

Breast enlargement

For reasons ranging from personal to professional motivations, some women would like to increase the size of their breasts.

Breast enlargement is a procedure designed to make breasts larger through the use of implants. The type and size of implants are discussed with the surgeon prior to the procedure.

Breast reduction

Some women may have overly large breasts in proportion to their body size. As a result, they may experience back and shoulder pain due to the uncomfortable weight of their breasts.

In such cases, breast reduction may be considered. The procedure involves removing excess mammary tissue to achieve a breast size that is in keeping with the patient’s figure and her wishes.

Breast lift

Breast lift can be used to correct sagging breasts. Breasts may sag following pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight loss.

The procedure, which is designed to remodel and reposition the breasts, consists in removing excess skin around the nipples and below each breast. This procedure is often combined with breast enlargement in order to enhance breast volume and projection.