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Your hair is a major part of your charm and seductiveness

Your hair

Hair transplantation: for a beautiful head of hair

True, hair protects against the sun, cold, and rain. But your hair is more than just a shield against the elements. It is a symbol of youth and vitality, a means of expression, and a powerful tool for seduction. No wonder, then, that hair is intimately tied up with self-esteem.

Androgenetic alopecia (hair loss of genetic origin)

Unfortunately, over time, some people lose their hair with increased frequency. In 95% of cases in men, this is a hereditary phenomenon. Some women are also subject to hair loss of genetic origin, known as androgenetic alopecia.

As hair loss progresses, some people feel they are losing a big part of who they are. Fortunately, there is an effective means of replenishing areas on the head affected by hair loss, thereby raising self-esteem.

Hair transplantation: a procedure that restores balance to your head of hair

An extremely precise and reliable procedure known as follicular unit hair transplantation can be used to reverse the effects of hair loss. It is a minor surgical procedure that transfers hair from areas of permanent growth to balding or thinning areas.

Once it is transplanted, hair grows in its new spot as if it had always been there. And you enjoy the benefits of a more youthful look.

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